Pennsylvania's Odor Removal Professionals

Smells caused by mold, pets, cooking, fire or cigarette smoke aren’t just unpleasant–they can actually trigger adverse health effects for those with allergies or compromised immune systems. When you get to the bottom of your home’s odor problem with Ascent Odor Remediation and Sanitization, you’re restoring a healthy environment for your family. Our specialized treatment process kills 99.99 percent of germs and viruses for your peace of mind.

Ascent Owner Darren Ferguson has been involved in multiple arenas, with 11 years of commercial and residential inspections. He is also a franchise owner of National Property Inspections, which with his 20 years in the construction business and trade allows him to have a keen eye of what’s going on at a property. To ensure the owners know what to expect prior to purchasing their properties. He also has 25 years in the real estate investment world. He has a known reputation for holding his integrity very high and he treats his customers as if they are family.

Darren is passionate about helping homeowners, real estate agents, investors, and property managers keep their homes and commercial properties in great condition and protect the value of their investments.

With 25 years of experience in the industry he will listen to your needs and determine what is needed at the property for you.